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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing workers comp exempt form ny

Instructions and Help about workers comp exempt form ny

Here in my minivan listening to the Rolling Stones like any good middle-aged white person and I started thinking about the workman's comp and a little bit earlier today I'd read some of the comments on my workman's comp video from yesterday about it costing so much and mean just a hassle for one man company and Joe says he filed for an exemption so I started thinking about that's like you know what I think the biggest issue that I had was I don't technically have to have workman's comp because I haven't had it but I had to have it as required by some contractors so I looked it up and there's some guidelines for workman's comp really it's gonna apply to companies that have three or more employees that's what I found so technically it looked like I don't have to have it let's just somebody's preference because I read on and my wife found some packages in the North Carolina government the rigmarole of the government literature found that I didn't have to have it for working with that contractor either said them then they weren't liable as well as what it says so says they're only liable for their employees that worked directly for them so I thought well that's good so I contacted because there was a particular job I wanted to do and it was a contractor running the job and for me to work on that job I have to pay sixteen hundred dollars for this workman's comp insurance when it would have killed most of my profit there would have been a little bit left over but by the time I paid you know Palace was gonna come help me with the job by the time I paid him to I've been doing the job for break it even just for the you know luxury of having workman's comp which I likely wouldn't have used again for the rest of the year so I put email into the company sort of explained where I was coming from and told them that there's a location in the North Carolina government website so we're gonna see I sent that email out several hours ago hopefully I get that back pretty soon I'd like to do the job because I've quoted and Curtis will love this I've quoted a nice Ameristar split system the house is being flipped and resold so I figured it'd be a perfect job for Ameristar it's gonna be a glorious video if I do get the job you put it in Ameristar so y'all stay tuned I'll keep updated on this what they say this is more of a small business blog but we need to have a little bit of small business every now and then so I'll let you know what they say I just wanted to keep y'all up to date with my thinking and if you were wondering the same thing about workman's comp.