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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing new york resale certificate

Instructions and Help about new york resale certificate

What's up guys Cody Hawk so today we're going to talk about how to find wholesale products there are several different opportunities you can utilize if you're deciding to get into wholesale wholesale is a great opportunity to springboard and catapult your Amazon FBA ecommerce business from sourcing small-time products to taking it to a whole nother level and being able to regain a grasp on your time being able to manage your business effectively so let's jump right in talking about some different wholesale opportunities right now wholesale you have several different options one of the most popular and most talked about is a website called Alibaba now Alibaba is an amazing site to be able to do your research personally I buy there but you can also do product market research on product market research is one of the most important pieces to the buying wholesale puzzle and yes I do mean puzzle when it comes to wholesale private level you need to put the pieces together and that way you can take yourself out of the equation so the benefits to being able to buy a wholesale and even private label your products which would be the next step beyond wholesale wholesale I typically utilize to scale my products up so I start with smaller quantities in the wholesale sector and then from there I can scale up depending upon the product now there's a lot of different marketing techniques you can utilize to scale up but ultimately utilizing companies like Alibaba to be able to do your market research is a very valuable tool so do your market research on Alibaba such a valuable tool why don't you just buy all your products on Alibaba well there's a couple reasons they don't buy everything on Alibaba and part of that is because you want to get the best price per unit so typically what happens in the wholesale or private label realm is your pain by the size of your order so of course if you buy 500 or something or 5,000 the more you buy the better pricing structure you'll get goes that way with pricing and with shippi now a lot of these products are overseas and so it's going to cost a little bit more to ship them in some circumstances so you really got to get the most bang for your buck so how do you go about doing that you go about doing that in a similar way as you go about buying any product you look at what comparable products are selling for in the market the real estate industry they call this comps or comparables in a wholesale private-label ecommerce industry you're looking for similar markets so for example if we were going to sell this product right here we would look for similar markets similar products that are selling to give proof of concept no proof of concept is always really important because a lot of people.