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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing workers comp exemption sole proprietorship

Instructions and Help about workers comp exemption sole proprietorship

One thing we hear consistently from business owners is that they think they are too small to have to worry about carrying workers comp insurance but we ask what happens if you don't have workers comp coverage and an employee gets hurt well the answer is you end up paying out of your pocket what could be a large amount of dollars versus pennies on the dollar for the coverage you could have had but you chose not to because you think you're saving money by not covering your employees and yourself let me share a quick true story with you I walked into a prospects business one day and I had set an appointment with him to go and talk to him about workers comp coverage for his fairly new two years old and growing business it's basically a smoothie shop and he launched into a story about how last year his wife was in the back washing dishes while his two part-time high school employees on a Saturday were working the counter serving the smoothies attended to the customers and his wife accidentally sloshed some water onto the floor and not realizing it she turned to go back out into the shop and help with the customers and she slid across the tile floor and she hurt her back badly her medical bills set them back to the tune of $75,000 out of their pocket he told me this incident had almost bankrupted them I explained to him that if he had been someone other than his wife who was injured it could have cost him much much more legal fees lost wages rehab services could have stacked up on top of all the other medical expenses with the back injury and the business would have been liable after sharing our proposal with him and him realizing that for less than $2,000 a year he could have been covered he signed up so fast it was amazing don't put your family your sense of security your business in jeopardy by not covering yourself and your employees owners also say to me well I'm exempt from workers comp well yes mr. and mrs. owner you can be exempt many employers choose to be exempt on their workers comp policies to save money on the premium but remember the story about the smoothie shop owners wife what happens if you the owner are severely injured on the job what happens to your business what happens to your family what happens to your finances especially if you need long-term care or doctor's appointments for months for continued treatments remember workers compensation insurance is the remedy for a workplace injury why for pennies on the dollar would you not cover yourself and your business I guess workers compensation claims give us a call today for a no-obligation quote it could be the best decision you make for your business all year you.