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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing nys tax exempt form st-119

Instructions and Help about nys tax exempt form st-119

All right people what is up this is Kevin from dropshipping the way of life back at you with another new video it's been a while only had two videos yeah it's been a while but been alone enough alright so what I want to talk to you today about is becoming taxi zooms I'm by far not a tax professional but I am tax exempt in quite a few states I only have about maybe like seven more to get tax exempt and to get my resale certificate in and it's really easy to do it you can lower your price by seven and ten percent you have to admit that sales tax but you can charge less upfront so you get more sales even though they're gonna pay sales tax after they buy it they're still gonna choose the lower price the day that's in front of their face to start with the price could be the exact same as what somebody else is charging that doesn't include it already has tax included after they buy it from you and then you charge them tax it could be the same exact price but they're gonna buy it from the person as the cheaper or like the price they see this cheaper whether they pay tax on it or not so overall it just gets you more sales and you make more money sorry it's really easy to do the first thing you want to do is you want to register a business alright so in the state that you're in you want to like register your business you want to become an actual business owner registered business owner so whatever state you live in this is what I did I live in North Carolina tight so I just went to Google I typed in how to register my business and North Carolina boom how to start a business registration North Carolina is that easy you google it it brings you the information you go to the website then you follow the steps that the website has for you business registration choosing a business name cheating into the structure business registration country filing secretary filing so basically you just go through it and says and I am only registered as a sole proprietor I don't have a lot of employees and I'm pretty sure maybe that that's the like once you have given you need to get an LLC when you want your business basically I have like insurance and a lot of employees I could be wrong on that I'm really not sure I have a sole proprietor so I don't know but that's all I've needed to become tax exempt in all of these states also alright so then you're just going to go down and you're gonna follow the instructions choose a business structure register your business alright you'll click on the register your business business corporation when their liabilities when their partnership limited liability.