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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing CE 200

Instructions and Help about CE 200

In this video I'll show you how to use the auto punch feature to convert a piece of clipart into a design for your singer quantum futurist embroidery machine for best results you want to choose an uncomplicated design with solid colors if possible start by opening the Futura software click on the create menu then select Auto punch click the next button click on the select button find the image file that you want to work with and press ok wait patiently while the software works its magic it will display a preview of the image you selected click on the next button you can change the physical size of the design by default it shows at centimeters but you can change it to inches or millimeters if you prefer by using the units drop down below I've decided my design will be 4 inches square click next the Futura software will do the work of automatically reducing the colors but you can also force it to reduce to only a few colors of your choice if you prefer the fewer colors you use the fewer thread changes you lead but your shapes may be less defined it's a good idea to select the preview color reduce picture option if you're doing so that way you can see the reductions and make sure that they're not too drastic click next whenever you're ready here you'll choose your column width most likely you just want to keep with the 9 millimeter default click next and the software will begin simplifying your image to your specifications this may take several minutes to complete the future of software will show you all the shapes it plans to embroider in my case it spit out outlines of all my shapes I decided that I didn't need in this case I removed the unnecessary shapes one by one by selecting it and clicking the remove button I did this until I was left with only my main shape if you have multiple shapes there is the option of changing the order of which still be stitched by clicking on the shape and then the move up or move down button you can also decide on a shape by shape basis if you prefer to have a satin stitch or a fill stitch additionally you can have it stick to a background color if you're planning to use this embroidery design for a patch when you're ready click Next a nice feature of the autopunch is the fabric wizard you can select a project type and the software will automatically suggest what kind of fabric and what kind of stabilizer would work best for your design there is also an option to choose how your machine will move between the shapes you can either use a jump stitch which is a long thread joining the shapes that you would snip off later or you can use a running stitch which is a series of.